Increase Your Confidence and gain Mastery of the Spring Forest Qigong Five Element Healing Movements 

In 6 Hours Coaching..

Confident with Five Element Healing Movements

This experience will guide you:

The Five Element system is a cornerstone of Chinese medicine. Knowing it helps us to understand the characteristics of the body’s energy. All of our emotions and our organs’ energy systems correspond with a specific element. Learning how to focus on a specific emotion and healing movement for a specific element will transform the energy of its corresponding organ system. Each emotion has its own special signature and special frequency. Each frequency matches a certain part of the system, which powerfully affects the organs in your body. This creates a beautiful, complete balance. 

Practice, practice,practise

A solid understanding of the Five Element Healing Qigong Movements, how they work and how to use them. 

You Gain Confidence

Going through the home-study material receiving coaching input with an experienced ENRQi Healing Coach® intensify your experience.

Everything is Energy

We cover the elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) in relation to the energy systems and benefits with the Five Element Healing Movements.

The Next Total into Well-being with Five Element Healing Movement Coaching Starts in


You missed out!

The ENRQi Coaching® program with Marcelle Visser is based on Chunyi Lin's Spring Forest Qigong five element healing movements home study. The only pre-requisite to take part is that you have a home study or intent.


What we cover... session 1

  • Your desired outcome
  • Overview and background 
  • Relations physical, mental,        
         emotional, spiritual
  • Excercises Practice


What we cover...session 2

  • Brief review & Q&A
  • Excercises explanation cont'
  • Practice


What we cover... session 3

  • Recap previous sessions
  • Connection physical body and
         heart energy 
  • Excercises Practice
  • Your Action Plan

Marcelle visser

ENRQi Healing Coach, Qigong Master, Master Teacher

If you are interested to speed up your learning experience through active coaching I support you in your process. Throughout my sports-, corporate career and as an entrepreneur, many outstanding teachers, coaches helped me on my way.  Coaching and serving in the spirit of Master Chunyi Lin's teachings is what I do daily. It would be my pleasure to support you in reaching your desired outcome.